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Convert your counter lottery boxes to digital lottery displays, powered with cutting edge AI-based technology to increase lottery sales.


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Choose your unique screen design, customize your background and logo as per your store.
Launch 8K resolution screen.

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Boost your sales using smart
Digital Display

Digital lottery to increases sales.

1. Move your physical lottery counters to digital display.
2. Reduce hassle to handle lottery sales.
3. Smooth and fast customer checkouts.
4. Automatic data sync with fast responsive display.
5. Shift all customer enquiry to digital screen.
6. Best in class technology for smooth sale.

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Lottery Sales & Report

1. Boost up your lottery sales with digital screen.
2. Track daily sales and profit report using admin portal.
3. Hassle free lottery sale.
4. Filter out most sold lottries and track loyal customers.
5. Upcoming AI powered lottery ticket suggestion.

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One solution to all your needs for Lottery Display

High-end features for high profitability

Custom Lottery Screen

Create your own lottery screen as per your store, manage themes,and add your store logo.

Sales Management

Manage and track your daily sales digitally.

Increase sales conversion

Digital display helps you convert your lottery sales efficiently.

Auto-sync with state data

Get pre-loaded data of all lotteries live in your state.

Live lottery with 99.9% uptime

Get live status of ongoing lottery on display screen, synchronized with inventory.

AI Powered Bot (Launching soon)

Get lottery suggestion as per volume to increase profitability.


Digital Lottery System is a AI-based tool which helps the stores to show synced lottery data with current slot number and lottery serial no. via live display screen.

Digital Lottery System is a user friendly platform which requires a desktop or laptop to run the platform and a LED or LCD or display screen to show live lottery screen to customers. Although Digital Lottery System is a very easy tool which can setup remotely by the store owner,but if store owner finds it difficult to setup, we can arrange a 3rd party to setup hardware for them. (Charges as per area served)

We have introduced affordable pricing model which gives you ROI in the form of sales increment, higher customer retention,and faster lottery checkouts. For more details on please visit Pricing section.

Because, Digital Lottery System is a high end tech product which helps the store owner in many ways:-
1. Auto Synced Data:
Digital Lottery System smartly sync all your inventory in the system and shows all the ongoing lotteries on the screen.
2. Faster Checkouts:
As complete inventory is online, checkout are faster and with every checkout the lottery inventory updates the data with remaining lotteries.
3. More customer retention:
Live display screen helps the customer to chckout ongoing lotteries live via screen, they are no more needed to ask store owner about queries around current lottery status.

Yes, Digital Lottery System is AI-based platform designed with perception of global service provider. We are synced with all the data availabe with state.

No, We are not into selling of lottery, we are just a tool to display lottery tickets hold by the store owner, we are not a lottery selling platform.

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We are world's first AI powered lottery display solution with state wise data sync compatibilty and scalabe tech infrastructure for serving large stores. Want to try us for free!!